Saturday, May 20, 2006


Down to the wire

It's currently 11pm. I have Iron Chef America going in the background and a toddler in my lap as I bounce back and forth between email and Etsy checking for a message with the Cover photos attached. My pulse is racing and if I had fingernails I'd have bitten them off. I'll be updating this message with progress reports and the URL for the actual listing once it's up.

11:09 pm ETA: Just spoke to Judith... Photos are in the ether somewhere between her box and mine...

11:44 pm ETA: The composite image of the cover has been edited and emailed to Judith. She did an absolutely beautiful job incorporating Elena's beautiful embellishment onto the front cover. I love the way that her quotes tie into the "Words of Wisdom" that Elena used in her spreads. The book has come full circle both geographically and philosophically.

12:04 am ETA: Fantastic Emblage: An Altered Book is now listed on Etsy. More information about the book and the artists will be posted here in the days to come.

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