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Ok, this was sent by Judith and I wanted to make sure that the information was available to everyone.


Sent by NoDuplicates on 10-03-2006 08:30 pm:

Hi Andi, I know you won't get this for a week or more, but thought I'd keep you in the I see it now....
[personal note about login problems cut]
There are 505 pages in the book
Glueing 5 pages together for strength results in 101 pages
If we use the following 8 eras, there will be 12 pages available for each era.
Egyptian.......Renaissance.......Victorian.......Roaring Twenties
Depression/WWII.........50's VS 60's........Present........Future
Now everyone probably will not want to add something to each, so therefore if you skip around in the book you'll have to take that into consideration. I think the general concensus is to be able to contribute to more than one section, and that is fine by me. I think I might like to work in atleast 2...Egyptian and Victorian, and probably the 50's, since that was my HS era.
The progression of the passage of the book from one to another is as follows:
Elena to Dianna (redandgreenbutterfly)
Dianna to Andi (MysticSpiral)
Andi to Meredith (exboyfriend)
Meredith to Jillian (allyouneedislove)
Jillian to me (NoDuplicates) by April 15th the latest
Keeping in mind the time in the mail, I figure you'll each have about 3 days to work, and then 3 days between people using Priority Mail. That's not a lot of time, so if you can start working on things to apply to your pages (that's what I plan to do) it will give you a head start on things.
I need all your real names, addresses, emails, and phone #'s, so that I can keep in touch. I pay for free long distance calls, so I might as well put it to good use. I will probably not be adding anything to the blog, cause Blogger never sent me an email with my "correct" password. However I can read what you write, and view pics (I think) without logging on. Any communication from me will be either by email or in this arena...conversations....and you can contact me the same way.
I think that's it for now. If you have any questions, comments, etc. please email me or convo me (NoDuplicates)
Hope this clarifies some of the stuff for you all. Judith or jed

I posted this last Thursday (3/23/06) but in the wrong place (just now learning how to navigate this blog site) and thought I'd move it here:

The book arrived from Elena today! I've already started working in it - a 50s page drying right now. I was going to use photocopies of pictures from 50s women's magazines, but I couldn't wait to get started. So I ended up just cutting them out of the magazines and using the original (if you can call them that) magazine pages. I'll show you all what I've done if someone tells me how to upload pictures here or points me in the direction of some instructions.
BTW, Elena, your pages are AWESOME! I thought I'd best leave it up to you to say more about them to the group.
Now let's see if I remember my password so I can post this...
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